krb5_rd_req failed: no such file or directory

Erik Arneson erik at
Sat Aug 16 14:30:40 EDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 11:26:26PM -0700, Richard Fox wrote:
> If I telnet from the server to the client then I get the krb5_rd_req
> failed: no such file or directory error message.  When I run tcpdump
> I do not see the client trying to contact the server, the client is
> searching for something on its own machine to verify the ticket.
> Any ideas of what I must of missed in setting up the configuration
> files?

Have you created a host key for the client machine and installed it in
the client machine's keytab file?  Every service on a host that will
be Kerberos authenticated needs a key in the host's keytab.

Watch the KDC logs, and you will probably get more information about
which keys the host is trying to use.

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