Key table entry not found

CJ Keist cjay at
Thu Aug 14 12:36:26 EDT 2003

     I'm setting up a test KDC running on Solaris 9.  The version I'm  
running is  I have successfully installed and setup my KDC  
server.  I have tested it out on RH9 and everything is working there,  
as in being authenticated and such.  I'm now trying to get kerberos  
authentication to work on another Solaris 9 box.  But am running into  
On the Solaris 9 box I have modified the pam.conf file to kerberos,  
copied the krb5.conf file from my kdc and ran kadmin as follows

kadmin - admin/admin
     : ktadd host/machine_name.domain
     : quit

When I tried to telnet into the system I got denied, the message in  
/var/adm/messages on the client box said something about "Bad  
encryption type".  I found on the web to do ktadd the following:

kadmin -p admin/admin
     : ktremove host/machine_name.domain
     : ktadd -e des-cbc-crc:normal host/machine_name.domain
     : quit

This got rid of the "Bad encryption type" error, but I am now getting  
the following error in the messages file:
  "Key table entry not found".   I don't know if this is saying that its  
not finding the machine keytab or my UID on the KDC server?  Does  
anyone have any help here?



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