Retrieving the list of users from Kerberos

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Sat Aug 16 07:04:33 EDT 2003

>>>>> "tom" ==   <tom at> writes:

    tom> Maybe you can try=20 kadmin -l
    tom> kadmin> dump

    tom> this gives you all entries (principals) of your kerberos
    tom> database.

This is probably a MIT Kerberos V v1.3 trick. In the older 1.2 it's

rmgztk:~# kadmin.local -q getprincs

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    tom> Am 14.08.2003, 02:44:18, schrieb peter.hallowes at
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    tom> Thema Retrieving the list of users from Kerberos:

    >> Hi all,

    >> I'm a relative novice to Kerberos, so forgive me if my question
    >> is naive.  We're trying to create a batch program that will
    >> synchronise the users=

    >> and realms (and groups?) of a kerberos system with our
    >> enterprise system.  We know how to add users to our security
    >> system, but we can't seem to=

    >> find out how to retrieve them from Kerberos.  Is there a way?
    >> Or is our whole approach incorrect?

    >> Cheers, Peter.
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