Kerberos regression test TCL error

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 12 03:28:59 EDT 2003

Vinay Sachdev <vinay at> writes:

> TOP=/usr/people/vinay/kerberos/krberos-1.3/krb5-1.3-beta4/src/kadmin/../kadmin
>       ERROR: didn't get ok back
>       ERROR: didn't get ok back

This comes up when some bits of code are looking for a subprocess to
report a successful operation performed but the subprocess reports an
error.  In some of those places we don't catch errors very well.

In lib/rpc/unit-test/dbg.log you may find a debugging dump of what
dejagnu was doing at the time.  (If the file isn't there, run "make
check RUNTESTFLAGS=-v".)  You can search for "didn't get ok back", and
the lines above it should indicate what was sent to the subprocess,
what output came from it, and what dejagnu was looking for.

Any more debugging than that really depends on what the error was.

>       ERROR: tcl error sourcing library file
>       ./lib/helpers.exp.

Again we have some error cases not being handled well here and there.
One of the support files sets up a database to run tests against, but
the database creation blew up, and we wound up trying to wait for some
unknown process.

It may be that one of the subprocesses died unexpectedly.

If this happened, then around the "didn't get ok" messages in the
logs, you may see

  does eof match "^OK OVSEC_KADM_OK"? no

or something like that.  If that happened, see if it left a core file
you can use to see where it died.


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