Kerberos regression test TCL error

Vinay Sachdev vinay at
Sat Aug 9 23:54:30 EDT 2003

      Hi All:

      I am new at kerberos stuff, so excuse me for my lack
      of knowledge,

      I tried running the test's provided with the kerberos
      distribution, by installing DejaGnu, Perl and TCL and
      configuring the --with tcl option.

      by running $> make check from the /src sub-directory
      of the distribution.

      I get the following tcl error ERROR: tcl error
      sourcing library file ./lib/helpers.exp. has someone
      encountered it.

      Below is the tail of the make check run. I'll be
      thankful for the help,


      RVER=./server CLIENT=./client \
              KINIT=../../../clients/kinit/kinit \
              KDESTROY=../../../clients/kdestroy/kdestroy \
              PASS="tcp udp" --tool rpc_test  ; \
      then \
              echo Cleaning up... ; \
              rm -f $RPC_TEST_SRVTAB krb5cc_rpc_test_* ; \
      ./../../../kadmin/testing/scripts/stop_servers   ; \
              trap 0 ; exit 0 ; \
      else exit 1 ; fi
      WARNING: Couldn't find the global config file.
      Test Run By vinay on Mon Jun 30 16:51:30 2003
      Native configuration is

                      === rpc_test tests ===


      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: didn't get ok back
      ERROR: tcl error sourcing library file
      wrong # args: wait ?-nohang? ?-untraced? ?-pgroup?
          while executing
      "wait -nowait -i $spawn_id"
          (procedure "setup_database" line 55)
          invoked from within
          invoked from within
      "if ![info exists CANON_HOST] {
          set CANON_HOST [exec $env(QUALNAME)]
          file delete $env(RPC_TEST_SRVTAB)
          exec $env(MAKE_KE ..."
          (file "./lib/helpers.exp" line 116)
          invoked from within
      "source ./lib/helpers.exp"
          ("uplevel" body line 1)
          invoked from within
      "uplevel #0 source ./lib/helpers.exp"
      Failed, cleaning up...
      gmake[3]: *** [unit-test-body] Error 1
      gmake[3]: Leaving directory


      gmake[2]: *** [check-recurse] Error 1
      gmake[2]: Leaving directory

      gmake[1]: *** [check-recurse] Error 1
      gmake[1]: Leaving directory
      gmake: *** [check-recurse] Error 1

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