I am stuck at krb5_cc_initialize, how to check?

Cesar Garcia Cesar.Garcia at morganstanley.com
Mon Aug 11 16:25:21 EDT 2003

Are you building your own app or is this from one of the stock

Can you provide a stack trace and other relevent details that you can
obtain from your debugger?

Which version of the kerberos libraries does this application use, did
you build your own are you using libraries provided by your OS vendor.

If you built the kerberos libraries yourself, can you tell us
something about how you built the kerberos libraries (what version,
what platform, configure/compiler options, etc) and something about
the circumstance under which you see this error. Do you have similar
apps that work. Is this a multi-threaded app, etc. A trace (from
truss/strace or truss -u, ltrace, depending on what platform and what
you have available) might be useful.

>>>>> "Grace" == Grace Tsai <gtsai at bnl.gov> writes:

Grace> Hi,
Grace> I am sorry to keep bothering you about this problem. But I am stuck at
Grace> the
Grace> function krb5_cc_initialize, I have got core file when this function is
Grace> called.
Grace> By using dbx to analyze the core file, I got

Grace> Segmentation fault in krb5_cc_initialize at line 49 in file
Grace> could not read "ccfns.c"

Grace> The line 49 of ccfns.c is

Grace> return cache->ops->init(context,cache,principal);

Grace> I really dont know how to debug this.

Grace> I guess I like to ask now is how do I
Grace> check item by item (variable by variable) that the contents of the
Grace> inputs
Grace> to this function is correct.

Grace> code = krb5_cc_initialize(k5context,
Grace>                                        ccache,
Grace>                                        principal);

Grace> Thanks a million in advance.

Grace> Grace

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