I am stuck at krb5_cc_initialize, how to check?

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 12 03:04:39 EDT 2003

Grace Tsai <gtsai at bnl.gov> writes:

> I am sorry to keep bothering you about this problem. But I am stuck at
> the
> function krb5_cc_initialize, I have got core file when this function is
> called.
> By using dbx to analyze the core file, I got
> Segmentation fault in krb5_cc_initialize at line 49 in file
> could not read "ccfns.c"
> The line 49 of ccfns.c is
> return cache->ops->init(context,cache,principal);
> I really dont know how to debug this.

Look at cache and cache->ops under dbx or gdb; is either NULL?  Both
should've been set to something non-null by krb5_cc_resolve unless
some error was reported.


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