which krb5 PAM module on Solaris 8?

Balazs GAL balsa at rit.bme.hu
Fri Aug 1 18:48:16 EDT 2003

Sam Hartman írta:
>>>>>>"GÁL" == GÁL Balázs <balsa at rit.bme.hu> writes:
>     GÁL> Tim Mooney írta:
>     >> All- I'm looking for recommendations on which krb5 PAM module I
>     >> should use on a sparc box I'll be reinstalling with Solaris 2.8
>     >> in a couple weeks.
>     GÁL> pam-krb5.sf.net. This is an enhanced version of RedHat's
>     GÁL> pam_krb5.  I will release rc8 in this weekend, it will
>     GÁL> contains many workarounds for the solaris pam
>     GÁL> implementation, so I recommend it.
> Hi.  I have not looked at this specific implementation, but I have
> encountered the Redhat PAM module and would like to gvie astrong
> disrecommendation to that code base.

Sorry, but without any good reason I CANT agree this.
Please tell me concrete bugs!
Withouth these I can only request, that please
dont criticize anything whereof do you dont know enough well.

> It seems like the module does way too much

I dont think, that if a pam_krb5 module support
krb4 or afs should be a bug.
I think this features should be implemented in a pam_krb5
modul, rather than in a separate module.

> and has too much internal
> information about the Kerberos implementation. 

Sorry, but I dont understand this. Whats the problem?

> In particular, it even
> parses krb5.conf (incorrectly).

This feature is deprecated and only compiled if requested.


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