need advice with kerberos and nfs

Dirk Pape pape at
Mon Sep 2 03:51:50 EDT 2002


we try to move our whole heterogenious LAN towards kerberos 
authentication. The main component will be our central fileservice which 
has to serve Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Debian Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 
2000 clients.

for the first three clients we want to provide NFS as the file service 
protocol, but for well known reasons we want to enforce 
Kerberos-User-Authentications on the shares.

We have not yet decided, which OS to take for the file server, and we 
are testing with two configurations now:

1. Windows 2000 and Hummingbirds NFS Maestro, which promises to do 
kerberized NFSv3 with MIT Kerberos v5

2. Debian Linux with an NFSv4 Kernel

Neither of the two work proper enough for a production service yet. NFS 
Maestro does not do Kerberos authentication, even if we configured it. 
And we have not yet managed to configure the Linuxserver with NFSv4 

On the clients we have the (builtin) kerberized NFSv3 client for Solaris 
and still no working kerberized NFS for Linux. Windowsclients are not 
really a problem, because they can and most probably will use CIFS.

Is anyone here managing successfully and reliably a LAN with kerberized 
NFS and can point me to the software to use on the server and the 
clients for our OSs, please.

Thanks a lot,

Dr. Dirk Pape (Leiter des Rechnerbetriebs)
FB Mathematik und Informatik der FU-Berlin
Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin
Tel. +49 (30) 838 75143, Fax. +49 (30) 838 75190

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