Rank amateur needs help: KRB5 telnet VMS

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at watsun.cc.columbia.edu
Fri Nov 22 01:56:47 EST 2002

You need to install an appropriate KRB5.INI file in your C:\WINDOWS
directory.  Please read the Kerberos administration manuals and
the Kermit 95 Security document:


In article <3ddc0986$1 at obsidian.gov.bc.ca>,
Alder <MUNDDGNTDYTV at spammotel.com> wrote:
: My first post to the group.  Have mercy. :-)
: I am trying to configure secure telnet sessions to my OpenVMS server using
: Kerberos 5.  On the server side I have the Compaq/HP Distributed Computing
: Environment (DCE version 3.0) installed and have enabled Integrated Login
: and Kerberos 5 services.  On the client side I have the evaluation version
: of Kermit 95 2.1.0 from the Kermit Project.  The VMS server sits on a LAN
: that's connected to the Internet over ADSL, but its connection is through a
: gateway PC running Windows ME and Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing.
: Normal telnet sessions and other connections to the VMS server from the
: outside are working well.
: My connection configuration of Kermit 95 is as follows:
: General configuration
: connection type:    tcpip service
: hostname:    erebus.homeip.net    (granted by the DYNDNS service:
: www.dyndns.org)
: tcp/ip port:    <blank>
: protocol:    k5login
: Kerberos 5 configuration
: principal:    myname
: realm:    erebus.homeip.net
: The problem I have at the moment is getting the client to recognize the
: Kerberos realm correctly.  A dialog box appears requesting my Kerberos 5
: password, but rather than the realm in my configuration, the realm is
: reporting itself as my ISP's domain.  I enter the password and get the
: rather predictable:
: "Result from realm BC.HSIA.TELUS.NET: Cannot resolve network address for KDC
: in requested realm."
: I receive an identical message even if I enter my "outside" IP address as
: granted by the ISP.
: I'm hoping this is a matter of misconfiguration, rather than a product of my
: rather flakey internet connection setup, so if anyone can help with
: suggestions, I'd really appreciate them.
: Many thanks for reading,
: Alder

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