Rank amateur needs help: KRB5 telnet VMS

Alder MUNDDGNTDYTV at spammotel.com
Wed Nov 20 17:15:35 EST 2002

My first post to the group.  Have mercy. :-)

I am trying to configure secure telnet sessions to my OpenVMS server using
Kerberos 5.  On the server side I have the Compaq/HP Distributed Computing
Environment (DCE version 3.0) installed and have enabled Integrated Login
and Kerberos 5 services.  On the client side I have the evaluation version
of Kermit 95 2.1.0 from the Kermit Project.  The VMS server sits on a LAN
that's connected to the Internet over ADSL, but its connection is through a
gateway PC running Windows ME and Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing.
Normal telnet sessions and other connections to the VMS server from the
outside are working well.

My connection configuration of Kermit 95 is as follows:

General configuration
connection type:    tcpip service
hostname:    erebus.homeip.net    (granted by the DYNDNS service:
tcp/ip port:    <blank>
protocol:    k5login

Kerberos 5 configuration
principal:    myname
realm:    erebus.homeip.net

The problem I have at the moment is getting the client to recognize the
Kerberos realm correctly.  A dialog box appears requesting my Kerberos 5
password, but rather than the realm in my configuration, the realm is
reporting itself as my ISP's domain.  I enter the password and get the
rather predictable:

"Result from realm BC.HSIA.TELUS.NET: Cannot resolve network address for KDC
in requested realm."

I receive an identical message even if I enter my "outside" IP address as
granted by the ISP.

I'm hoping this is a matter of misconfiguration, rather than a product of my
rather flakey internet connection setup, so if anyone can help with
suggestions, I'd really appreciate them.

Many thanks for reading,


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