Problem using pam_krb5 + sshd on Solaris

Parag Godkar paragg at
Wed Nov 20 03:38:44 EST 2002

> In my Solaris 8 system the PAM behaves this way:
>  1)  When the telnet and sshd items are present  then telnetd uses the
> telnet item and sshd uses the sshd item.
> 2)  When the telnet and sshd items are not present then telnetd and sshd
> the "other" item.
> 3)  The "login" item is not used by telnetd and sshd in my system.
> This behaviour I tested.
My mistake. You are very much right. I tested
for the same behaviour as yours.
I must have blundered somewhere in my earlier testing.

I have one question though - Was your compile for krb5
and pam_krb5 done cleanly ? I ran the configure scripts
for krb5 as -

./configure --options  | more

so that I do not miss any warnings or errors, apart from
checking config.log in the source directory of krb5.

Parag Godkar.

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