Problem using pam_krb5 + sshd on Solaris

Josef Kelbler kelbler at
Wed Nov 20 02:38:04 EST 2002

> > Part of  pam.conf  (telnet and sshd had for testing only these rows) is:
> > telnet  auth   required    # it works
> > sshd   auth   required    # it does not work
> >
> Now I may be wrong, but do you also have an entry for "login"
> in your pam.conf ? I found that "login" and "sshd" entries clash if
> not stacked properly.

In my Solaris 8 system the PAM behaves this way:

 1)  When the telnet and sshd items are present  then telnetd uses the
telnet item and sshd uses the sshd item.

2)  When the telnet and sshd items are not present then telnetd and sshd use
the "other" item.

3)  The "login" item is not used by telnetd and sshd in my system.

This behaviour I tested.


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