ksu: Incorrect net address while geting credentials from kdc

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sat Nov 2 15:59:19 EST 2002

>>>>> "Adams" == Adams Kevin J <kevin.adams at phs.com> writes:

    Adams> Dear kerberos helpers, I have some multihomed Linux (krb
    Adams> 1.2.5) and AIX (krb 1.2.2) hosts, with the KDC on AIX.

    Adams> If I kinit -A from Linux, and telnet -F to AIX, the
    Adams> forwarded ticket always has an address. On Linux the ticket
    Adams> does not have an address, but the forwarded ticket on AIX
    Adams> does.

This will be fixed in Kerberos 1.3.  The code has already been
committed so that forwarded addressless tickets are addressless.

We do not have public timelines for future Kerberos releases, so I
have no comment on when 1.3 will be released.

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