w2000 interoperability

Dario mazza dario.mazza at dsassociates.it
Sun Jun 16 05:34:25 EDT 2002

I try to make autenthication between w2000 workstation and a linux'KDC. It's
Then i've mada up a trust relationship between a W2000 DC and the KDC above,
i operate like in the document of the microsoft for the interoperability.
When i try to connect from the workstation to some resource of the W2000 DC
the workstation don't obtain a TGT for the W2000 DC from the KDC where it
has autenthicated.
In the KDC'database exist the two principals krbtgt/... and krbtgt/.... to
have cross real authentication and in w2000 i've made the trust and the
mapping of the user.
Some one can help me.

Thanks a lot.
Dario Mazza.

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