kerberos ftp and >4GB file sizes (or any application for that

Yura Pismerov ypismerov at
Fri Jun 14 20:24:47 EDT 2002

Paul Kimoto wrote:
> In article <moRu7.2851$sc.38465 at>, jon wrote:
> > I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but I'm using RH7.0 on a intel
> > system using kernel 2.4.2 which supports >4GB files.
> >
> > That works great, but LOTS of applications have trouble with >4GB files.
> Quoting
> "For using LFS in user programs, the programs have to use the LFS API.
> This involves recompilation and changes of programs."

man open 

In other words, application should be "large files aware".

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