[galib] GAlib with MPI

jaguilar_dem jaguilar at dem.ist.utl.pt
Fri Apr 20 09:45:50 EDT 2007

Hi lots!
I'm a new user of GALib and trying to make parallel run using MPI. 
GAlib works with PVM 3.3.10 or later. The release 2.4 of GAlib
 includes examples that show how to use GAlib with PVM 
for two types of parallelization: (1) one genome per process/CPU 
and (2) one population per process/CPU, but i need to use MPI. 
Is there anybody who uses GALib with MPI ? If yes, could you send an
example code to me ?
e-mail: jaguilar at dem.ist.utl.pt

Aguilar Madeira

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