[galib] Odd thing happens to GALib

Liekens, A.M.L. A.M.L.Liekens at tue.nl
Tue May 17 09:47:17 EDT 2005

Genomes that have been copied (without interference of mutations or recombinations) are not re-evaluated (since the fitness of individual is assumed to be the same generation after generation). In the case of a static fitness function, this is just fine. If you want to make a fitness function that is dependent on other individuals in the population (game theory) or generally dependent on time, this could be annoying, but you don't seem to have such problems.


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I am using GA Lib for my project. I just found something odd with GALib:

For a genetic algorithm defined with population of N and generation of M,
the total number of objective function evaluation should be Nx(M+1)
(Considering ga.initialize(), where GaLib generates the first generation).
However I found the number of data points is always less than N(M+1). After
I put a global variable to trace the number of objective function
evaluations, I found GA Lib starts off with evaluating every individual in a
population, start to skip more and more evaluations after a few

I am perplexed. Can someone here explain why?




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