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NguyenVanLam nguyenvan.lam at ait.ac.th
Wed Jan 26 00:34:49 EST 2005

Dear all,

I'm a student who are studying about solving multiobjective job shop scheduling by GA. I use multistage GA for evolution.
My algorithm is as follows:

    1. Evolve individual objectives by using GADemeGA, let say three population with popsize=50 (like standard parallel GA, I would like to use DemeGA ith different jobjective functions, each population is assigned to objective funtion, migration between them is used)

    2. After finish the first step (TerminateUponGeneration) I copy all evoled chromosomes to a new population (popsize=150) to continue second evolution process with weighted sum objective function used GASteadyStateGA. Use TerminateUponGeneration to finish. Another terminating condition is used to check. If ok: stop whole algorithm. Otherwise, copy evolved chromosomes from second evolution process (GASteadyStateGA for combined objective) to three initial populations.(copy best one third for each one)

I'm stuying GALib for that pupose but i'm not so experienced with C++. I have been studying GALib for haft of month but can not understand the whole library.
Could anyone kindly give me some instructions what I have to do with that? Do I need to drive new class? (my genome is an 1D array of integer numbers, fixed length), 

Thank you in advance, your help is highly appreciated.

Email: nguyenvan.lam at ait.ac.th 
          forest_jobs at yahoo.com.au
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