[galib] questions on the use of galib

matthew wall mwall at oculustech.com
Mon Jan 24 14:28:32 EST 2005

On 24 Jan 2005, at 07:58, nikos loukeris wrote:

> Goodmorning from sunny Crete, Greece

good afternoon from sunny, snowbound boston, usa :)

> As a part of my master Thesis I am obliged to run a genetic algorithms 
> programm, so i downloaded galib which seems the finest choise. I am 
> not very much experienced on C++ (2 weeks of reading a C++ book and 
> some practice) so I have some questions:
> a) Which files excactly i have to download? I downloaded all and 
> currently i am trying to run the  galib246pre1.tgz . Am I right?

galib246pre2.tgz contains the latest snapshot of galib.  you should use 
the source code from this tarball.

> b) From the above file which is the project workspace which activates 
> each library?

there is no current project or workspace file for galib - maintaining 
project files for ms visual studio that work reliably is too much of a 
hassle.  you should build galib from the command line, then use the 
resulting library file in your own projects.

to build galib, do this:

cd c:\galib     (or wherever you put the galib sources)
nmake /f makefile.vcpp

when it is finished you will have a file called 'ga.lib' in the ga 
directory.  put that library in any projects you build that use galib, 
and put the galib header directory (the 'ga' directory) in the include 
path in any projects you build that use galib.

the graphic examples that you can download from the galib site (gaview 
and tspview) will still work, but you might have to make slight 
modifications to the project files depending on where you put galib.


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