[galib] GALib with Borland C++ Builder 6.0! It works!!!

Leo L. enemybh at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 22 18:27:38 EST 2005

I done the GALib 2.4.5 works in Borland C++ Builder
6.0 (I think). 

Here are the steps:

1- Put the \ga directory where you want

2- Open a new Project (File-> New-> Library)

3- Go to Project-> Options and C++ (click on Force C++
compile, because borland believes .c as C files).

4- Project-> Add to project then select all .c files,
except the GAStringGenome.c and the GARealGenome.c

5- In projects yet, click on Directories/Conditionals
and put the local of your \ga directory without the
\ga directory. 

6- Make the library (Ctrl + F9)

7- Some #error directive will appears... add a
commentary on it ( // )!

It works here, but, how Matthews said, you need to
exclude GAStringGenome.c and GARealGenome.c from

Somebody compilled GAStringGenome and GARealGenome
without error? What is need to do? Is necessary?

Any doubts,  you can e-mail me at zanforlin at gmail.com

Leonardo Zanforlin

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