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Jason Guan jbguan at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 1 14:12:08 EDT 2003


I am a new user of GALib. I have read the documents and some examples you 
gave, but I still don't understant to how to use GALib to solve a problem. 
For example, where to set the number of variables in optimization problem, 
bound limits of variables and other equality and inequality constraints? 
Would you please tell me how to solve the following simple problem using 
simple GA in GALib?

obj = Minimize{(X1-X10)^2+(X2-X20)^2}
subject to
1<= X1 <= 10
1<= X2 <= 20
X1 + 2 * X2 <= 20
where X10 and X20 are constants.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Best regards

Jason Guan

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