[galib] multi layer GA extension for GALib

Balázs Gaál blazefirst at freemail.hu
Tue Oct 28 14:19:17 EST 2003


I'm working on a multi-layer extension for galib. Has anybody done any 
work on this field?
My idea is to divide the search space into smaller parts, use a GA to 
find the optimum from the portion, then use another GA to search within 
the space created by the 'lower' GA's best genomes.

I'm planning to create a single genome class, that can be used in any 
level in a multi-layer problem, with any existing features GALib genomes 
has. In addition, any population in level n will be able to communicate 
with the other GA's populations in the same level, and any fitness 
function in level n can be a function of fitnesses in levels 1...n-1.

So if someone are working on a program like this, or interested in it, 
please reply!


GAÁL Balázs
PhD student

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