GAlib and niching algorithm

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Sat Mar 29 19:50:17 EST 2003

Dear sir, I'm a PhD student in robotics.

I'm using GA to evolve a population of designs for surgical tools. It works
pretty well up to now.
However I have 2 problems:

As many "families" of designs can have high scores but will be very
expensive to build, I would like to implement niching algorithms so that i
can get the best design of each possible "family" and its score to decide
which one to build.

Is there a function or example in GAlib to help me implementing it?

my genome is the following:
GARealAlleleSetArray alleles;
alleles.add(3.0,15.0,GAAllele::INCLUSIVE,GAAllele::INCLUSIVE); // longueurs
alleles.add(1,3,1,GAAllele::INCLUSIVE,GAAllele::INCLUSIVE); // topologie
GARealGenome genome(alleles, Fitness);

Could you help on that?

The Second point is that my evaluation function is a simulation developped
under MSVC++6 (and the toolbox works only on this compiler!).
I'm now running GAlib on BC5. But I would like to transfer it under MSVC++6.
When I use the workspace available on your ftp (, the examples
work ok put when I try my code (using GARealAlleleSetArray ), I have the
following error:

GAAlleleSet::allele(unsigned int):
  this method has not been defined.
  d:\dev\galibvc\ga\gaallele.c : 215

And I don't have a clue on what to do to fix it!!

Please help...

Thank you very much


Damien SALLE

Laboratoire de Robotique de Paris

18 Route du Panorama _ BP61

92265 Fontenay Aux Roses Cedex


Mail:salle at

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