GALIB/STOP VIRUS/Listmaster: Warning

Marco Mililotti mililmar at
Thu Nov 8 11:59:24 EST 2001

 I received viruses from this mailing list (galib). More than once. To me
it's only annoying, but is my honest opinion that everyone should take
care of what they/their system put on the list. Is there any way to stop
this? Please beware viruses.

 And I haven't found who is the listmaster, just to know if posting on
this list is allowed by subscribed members only or by everyone.

Thank you for your help,

 well, I received also spamming and only after my subscription to galib.
This doesn't necessary means nothing, but it's an annoying situation, ok?

Marco Mililotti
email: mililmar -at-
web  :

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