GALIB/STOP VIRUS/Listmaster: Warning

Ian Wilson ian.d.wilson at
Thu Nov 8 16:02:40 EST 2001

The problem with this particular virus is the covering letter and the nature
of the mailing list, i.e. people are inclined to look at something they are
asked to consider because that is the very purpose of this forum. The virus
causing the problem looks at the contact list stored in your Express/Outlook
email package and sends a copy of a random file from your system to a
contact a given number of times (about 100) before moving onto its next more
destructive phase where it begins to hit your system much harder.

There is a utility you can download that will clean files that have been
infected but the damage will remain, usually meaning a lot of work replacing
files if you caught it early enough. It is a particularly nasty trojan horse
type virus, but, it can be avoided by simply not opening any attachments
that are sent to you via email.

I now check my email via a web browser first, before starting Express so
that I do not have to wait 10-15 minutes for the attachments being sent by
this mailing list to arrive. So, if spam is an issue for some, you can avoid
most of it by doing the same.

If anyone has the virus and does not know how to get rid of it, please feel
free to contact me.


P.S. Those who are familiar with Trojan Horses and know how to deal
with/avoid them, please excuse the spam.
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> Hi,
>  I received viruses from this mailing list (galib). More than once. To me
> it's only annoying, but is my honest opinion that everyone should take
> care of what they/their system put on the list. Is there any way to stop
> this? Please beware viruses.
>  And I haven't found who is the listmaster, just to know if posting on
> this list is allowed by subscribed members only or by everyone.
> Thank you for your help,
> Bye,
> PS:
>  well, I received also spamming and only after my subscription to galib.
> This doesn't necessary means nothing, but it's an annoying situation, ok?
> Tnx.
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