VC++5.0 Getting started

Tanapong Nopavong tanapong.nopavong at
Tue Jan 9 13:34:57 EST 2001

I used VC++5.0 and I followed Help those who use VC++ 6.0 to get
started.First, I download the and extracted to a galib folder.I
opened the workspace 'galib' in VC++5.0.In an example files, it is
ex11.c.When I  compile and rebuild all.It shows galib.lib- 0 error(s), 4
warning(s) I try to execute programm it doesn't active it shows please
specify the executable file. I don't know what it is happen.Could you please
help me? I'm a new VC++5.0. I insert the message error in this e-mail.

Thank you
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