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Jessica Giang jgiang at mit.edu
Mon Jul 11 23:52:00 EDT 2022

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please read the following announcements carefully:

  *   Activities Midway Early Returns

  *   Engage Non-Student Purge

  *   Website Constitution Requirements


Activities Midway Early Returns

ASA has a very limited number of early returns available for members of groups who would otherwise be unable to attend the Fall Activities Midway. In order to receive an early return, each person requesting one should fill out the application (<https://cglink.me/2cy/s216>) and an officer of the group must fill out the group sponsorship form (<https://cglink.me/2cy/s226>) by Sunday, July 31 at 11:59pm ET.


Engage Non-Student Purge

We recently learned that SOLE has removed most non-students from the Engage platform, due to the price of the Engage platform subscription being based on userbase size. For the time being, non-students can be re-added on a case-by-case basis by emailing <sole at mit.edu<mailto:sole at mit.edu>>. ASA was not aware this was going to take place, and we’re communicating with SOLE to mitigate the impact of this, as well as to prevent similar issues from taking us by surprise in the future.


Website Constitution Requirements

On the ASA website, the Constitution Requirements page did not include the requirement that a group’s executive board must also be at least 50% students, a requirement that can be found in the ASA Operating Guidelines <https://asa.mit.edu/asa-policies/asa-guidelines-and-bylaws>, Article I, Section 3, Subsection B:

“At least 50% of an organization’s executive board must be current MIT students.”

The page has been updated, and groups that do not meet this requirement will be notified as part of the ongoing constitution review process. We apologize for not ensuring that the website was sufficiently up-to-date.



Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board

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