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Fri Apr 10 14:31:48 EDT 2020

Dear Student Group Leaders,

A quick update/announcement from Admissions about a new CPW opportunity, and reminders of upcoming deadlines. Please read the following announcements carefully:

-> NEW: CPW Discord Server

-> Virtual CPW Registration due 4/12/20 11:59PM ET

-> CPW Event Submission Form

-> ASA GBM and recruitment


NEW: CPW Discord server sign-up

Admissions has been working hard on a CPW Discord Server (described at https://community.mitcpw.org/?page_id=495) to allow representatives of residences, ASA groups, and other formal entities, as well as select staff representatives, to connect with and help the adMITs. SIPB has been working hard to help us set this up, including, crucially, a verification/validation process for MIT entities to nominate and credential their representatives.

Here is how this works: leaders (Presidents, CPW chairs, or equivalent) of ASA groups, dorms, FSILGs, etc. that are interested in participating can fill out the form at <https://cpw2020.scripts.mit.edu:444/form/> with the kerberos' of their designated representatives. The form will send that information to a bot which will email the representatives for validation/confirmation and give them appropriate permissions on the server. For ASA groups, please do not register more than five members of your group. CPW is an exciting time to connect with admitted students and show them the vibrancy of student life on campus, but we do not want to overwhelm the Discord with an excessive number of students due to the large number of student groups we have. If you are a new or non-ASA student group that does not have an Engage entry at the moment but wishes to join the server, email <cpw-discord-access at mit.edu<mailto:cpw-discord-access at mit.edu>> with your group’s information and kerberos ID’s to be added.

As part of the validation/confirmation process, there is a planned "Discord 101" document that will include a brief user's guide, an outline of community standards, etc. to help those who have not spent a lot of time on Discord before feel comfortable in the space. The timeline to get the bot running and the Discord populated is sometime this weekend, but there isn’t a deadline to apply to be added to the server. Please send any questions to <cpw-discord-access at mit.edu<mailto:cpw-discord-access at mit.edu>>, and email <sipb-discord at mit.edu<mailto:sipb-discord at mit.edu>> for technical issues.


Virtual CPW Registration due 4/12/20 11:59PM ET, Midway on 4/19/20 1-3PM ET

We’re excited to report that the virtual CPW Midway website that TechX DevOps have been developing with ASA, SOLE, and Admissions is starting to take shape! It will be paired with concurrent Zoom calls for any interested group occurring from 1-3 PM ET on Sunday, April 19th. (We understand there was some confusion as a potential date floated but not finalized in a previous ASA Official was the 18th: the official date is the 19th.) These Zoom calls will be linked on the virtual website, allowing admitted students to jump from conversation to conversation like they would in a real Midway. The website itself will be up for the entire month for admitted students to explore student life on campus and record which groups they would like to be connected with if they do decide to attend MIT.

To take part in this website and/or the Zoom calls, you must fill out the following form by this Sunday, April 12th at 11:59 PM ET. Because of the short timeline to develop the website, troubleshoot the site and groups’ access to their pages, and put together all of the Zoom calls, we will not be accepting late submissions except under extremely extenuating circumstances. This form will be used to collect your exec email list that will allow authentication to access your group’s page on the website, as well as populating your basic information blurb about your group and web links you would like to include. Once the website is ready next week (we are still in development and don’t have an exact date at the moment), you will be able to access your group’s page and edit your information and upload more media like pictures or videos to display, so please keep any blurbs or links that you have on hand in case something gets mixed up and you need to add those manually.

Here is the link to the form: <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/399622>

If you have any issues with the form or your group is not on the list and you believe you should still attend, please email us at <asa-exec at mit.edu<mailto:asa-exec at mit.edu>>.


CPW Event Submission Form

Admissions has released a form to submit any additional CPW events that any student group, residence hall, FSILG, or administrative office is putting on to add to their events calendar. You can find the form here: <https://forms.gle/4yAgJz3Znz4rLumx8>.

If you are planning an event but not in one of the categories listed above or have any other questions about this process, please contact <cpw at mitadmissions.org>.


ASA GBM and recruitment

Our upcoming General Body Meeting is on April 15th from 5:30-7:30 PM ET; see the agenda here: <https://asa.mit.edu/sites/default/files/documents/ASA%20GBM%20Agenda%20SP20.pdf>.

At this meeting, we will be electing the officer positions for our Board, and are actively recruiting anyone who is interested in joining the ASA at any level! This year will be a particularly challenging one as we enter a semester dealing with the personal, financial, and logistical impacts of COVID-19 on our campus community, and we want anyone who is interested in helping solve problems and supporting student groups through the next year to join us!

We will have space in all parts of our board -- any position (space, funding, groups, secretary, president!) could be filled by any interested student. You can find information on all positions on our board here: <bit.ly/2vyu7ID>, and apply using this form if you are interested! <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/395752>


As always, email asa-exec at mit.edu<mailto:asa-exec at mit.edu> with any questions or concerns you have at this time.

Best regards,

The ASA Executive Board

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