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Tue May 8 12:42:18 EDT 2018

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Verification (Due 5/26)

2. Office Access

3. Spring LEF/ARCADE Allocations

4. Notice of Fines

5. Reminder: Update Club Email Lists


(1) Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Verification (Due 5/26)

It is now time for the ASA’s annual update process. We use this to verify groups are active and have enough members. By Massachusetts State Law, every group is required to attest to having distributed a copy of the Massachusetts hazing law to its members. We also ask that groups reaffirm that they do not discriminate.  The process is a bit different this year with the new database, so please pay close attention to the details below.

Anti-hazing waivers are due Friday, May 26th at 11:59 pm. Each ASA-recognized student group must have an officer listed in the ASA database visit their group's entry at asa.mit.edu<http://asa.mit.edu/> and check off on this waiver. The first officer to visit their group's entry in the database after the reset will be the only one prompted to check off on the waiver. Here<https://drive.google.com/file/d/14skYG7HYau3P2OQOfkAZVZP254_usAGC/view?usp=sharing> is a quick guide on what the process should look like. After checking off the waiver, you must email this text<https://docs.google.com/document/d/18-Ho8gbBtcAa8dcuHlNTL0OW1Jlr337gEcuRg2MJyKQ/edit?usp=sharing> to your group members; asa-groups at mit.edu<mailto:asa-groups at mit.edu> must be copied on this email.

Each group also must have at least five MIT student members confirm membership by filling out this form at http://cglink.me/s11500.  Students that are members of multiple groups will need to fill out the form individually for each club.  If you are having difficulty filling out the form multiple times, try copying the link into a new tab, or using an incognito window.

One you have completed the anti-hazing form and have begun submitting membership updates, you can check your group's status by reaching out to asa-groups at mit.edu<mailto:asa-groups at mit.edu>. The deadline to complete these steps is Friday, May 26th at 11:59 pm. Clubs with late submissions will be penalized with fines (up to $150), and will be suspended and/or derecognized if the submission is not completed.


(2) Office Access

Members of clubs that have recently had their previous office space reallocated will lose access by May 11th.  Anything remaining in office spaces from previous clubs will be discarded.  Clubs that fail to remove their items will incur a $50 fine.


(3) Spring LEF/ARCADE Allocations

Allocations for the Spring Funding Cycle (Apr-Jun) have been posted to the ASA website <http://web.mit.edu/asa/resources/pdf/LEF-ARCADE/FY18SP.pdf>. Any groups wishing to appeal their allocation should email Mark at asa-treasurer at mit.edu<mailto:asa-treasurer at mit.edu> with details of their appeal. The deadline for groups to appeal will be Monday, May 14 at 11:59pm.


(4) Notice of fines

Groups that failed to send a representative to the spring General Body Meeting or did not comply with CPW Activities Midway expectations will be fined: $25 for missing the GBM, $25 for being late to sign in for Midway, and $50 for never signing in at Midway or for leaving a booth unattended. Any groups that have incurred a fine will be notified by May 14th, and the fine will be assessed to each group’s main account by June 1st. For more information, email Mark at asa-treasurer at mit.edu<mailto:asa-treasurer at mit.edu>.


(5) Reminder: Update Club Email Lists

As the academic year comes to a close, please make sure you add new officers to your official email address as listed in the ASA database.  Every year, student groups are derecognized because incoming officers are not yet on their groups’ officer email lists and therefore do not receive ASA emails about the annual Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing form process.  If you are an outgoing group president or treasurer, please update your email list and forward this ASA-Official to your new student leaders to ensure the above steps are completed.


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board


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