[ASA-Official] New Board, Anti-Hazing, Midway Allocations, Postering Application Reminder, SAO Workshops

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Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Welcoming new ASA Executive Board

(2) Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Form Signing
(due 4/21/2017)

(3) ASA Activities Midway (CPW Midway) Assignments (late apps due 4/7/2017)

(4) 2017-2019 ASA Private Bulletin Board Cycle Reminder (due 4/7/2017)

(5) SAO Leadership Workshops (4/14/2017, 4/21/2017)


(1) Welcoming new ASA Executive Board

Please join us in welcoming our 2017-2018 ASA Executive Board!

President: Sabina Chen

Treasurer: Kelsey Becker

Secretary: Stephanie Nunez Dominguez

Undergraduate Member At Large: Gabriel Ginorio, Pravina Samaratunga

Graduate Member at Large: Sohan Dsouza

Student Member at Large: Tanya Llanas

We are looking for people for remaining open seats and would appreciate if
you would forward this announcement to the rest of your club members. The
remaining position is: one more Graduate Member At Large. For anyone
interested, please contact <asa-exec at mit.edu> for more information.


(2) Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Form Signing
(due 4/21/2017)

It is now time for the ASA’s annual update process. We use this to verify
groups are active and have enough members. By Massachusetts State Law,
every group is required to attest to having distributed a copy of the
Massachusetts hazing law to its members. We also ask that groups reaffirm
that they do not discriminate.

Each ASA-recognized student group must have an officer listed in the ASA
database complete the form at https://asa.mit.edu/membership/update/

Each group also must have at least five MIT student members confirm
membership by filling out the form at

One you have completed the anti-hazing form and have begun submitting
membership updates, you can check your group's status at

Each group should submit these forms by Friday, April 21 at 11:59PM EDT.
Late submissions will be penalized with fines (up to $150) and eventually
suspended and/or derecognized if the submission is not completed. Groups
that have been newly recognized THIS 2016-2017 ACADEMIC YEAR (ie. the Fall
or Spring semester) do NOT need to complete this process.

If, at any time, you have questions, please email us at asa-exec at mit.edu.


(3)  ASA Activities Midway (CPW Midway) Assignments (late applications due

The CPW Midway will take place in Johnson Ice Rink at 1-3PM on Saturday,
April 8, 2017.

A map and a full list of CPW Midway table booth assignments, as well as the
performance times can be found at: http://mit.edu/asa/publicity/midway.html

If your group would stilll like to sign up for a booth, please sign up
by Friday,
April 7 at 11:59PM EST through this link:
You will not receive a confirmation email since this is a google form.

Sign-in and setup: Your group must sign in with the ASA when you arrive at
the Midway. You may arrive to set up beginning at 12PM, and you must check
in by 12:30 PM. Otherwise, your group will be fined $25 for a late
check-in, and your table may be re-allocated to a group on the waitlist. We
will start re-allocating booths promptly at 12:30 PM, so please be on time.

Canceling: If your group can no longer attend or perform at the Midway,
please let us know via email at <asa-midway at mit.edu> at least 24 hours in
advance. Failure to cancel prior to 24 hours will result in a $25 fine;
failure to cancel by the start of check-in will result in a $50 fine.

General setup: Please remember that no external speakers may be used at the
booths. The ASA board reserves the right to request that volume be reduced
or sound turned off if it becomes a problem for neighboring groups or
performances. For fire safety reasons, please remember to stay at or by
your booth at all times (within arms reach). Do not block any entrances or
aisles or hand out flyers at the doorway. Violations of these rules may be
cause for a fine of up to $50, depending on the infraction. If your booth
is not staffed at any point during that 2 hour period, your group will be
fined $25. Finally, groups that leave before the conclusion of the Midway
without permission from the ASA will incur a $50 fine.

Greek letters cannot be worn during the CPW Midway unless you are working
the IFC or Panhel booth.

In addition, if your group is bringing large items, doing demonstrations,
or using electricity for anything other than laptops or other displays,
make sure you review the safety guidelines at <
and, if necessary, send a description of your activity to <
safe-project at mit.edu> so they can suggest tips to improve safety.

Performers: Any music used for your performance should be non-explicit and
appropriately censored.  Due to the number of performing groups, each
performer has up to 5 MIN and no more for their set. You will have a two
minute buffer for setup and takedown.

You can find performance times here: <
http://mit.edu/asa/publicity/midway.html>. Please send your music cuts of
no more than 5 MINUTES by Friday April 7, 11:59 PM.  All performing groups
will be emailed with submission information following this ASA-Official.

Please visit <http://web.mit.edu/asa/publicity/midway.html> for complete


(4) 2017-2019 ASA Private Bulletin Board Cycle Reminder (due 4/7/2017)

If you want to apply for an exclusive bulletin board space, please fill out
the application here <
by 4/7/2017.

You need to reapply even if you previously had a bulletin board space. In
addition, having a bulletin board space in the past does not guarantee
having one in the future cycles, since ASA will take into account how well
your group utilized the space.

By 4/20/2017, all groups need to take down their posters from the previous
locations, and on 4/21/2017 any remaining posters will be removed and
discarded by ASA. The final allocation for the next cycle will be decided
by 4/21/2017 and groups can put up posters on their newly allocated spaces.


(5) SAO Leadership Workshops (4/14/2017, 4/21/2017)

DAPER and the Student Activities Office are offering two leadership
workshops geared towards student club leaders at MIT. These interactive
lunch workshops will take place this month. Please pass this along to all
members of your club who might be interested in attending!  To sign up for
a workshop(s), please do so here: <

A quick summary is below, and more information including workshop
descriptions, can be found here:



   Don’t Re-create the Wheel: Transitioning Effectively for Teams  Friday,
   April 14th, 12-1pm, W35-299

   Recruit + Retain = Results!  Friday, April 21st, 12-1pm, W35-199


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board

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