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(1) Private Poster Board Application Due

(2) Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Form Signing
(due 3/17/15)

(3) Reminder: Required Attendance: General Body Meeting (Wednesday, March

(4) LEF-ARCADE (April - June) Funding Cycle Deadline (due 3/6/15)

(5) Call for Humor Fund Proposals


(1) Private Poster Board Application Due

This is the final reminder that Private Bulletin Board space is being
reallocated for the 2015-2017 (2-year) cycle. The deadline to apply late
for a board, or apply to have your board switch, is tomorrow, Monday, at
midnight. This is a 2-day extension, as applications were originally due
last night. Last cycles allocations, this cycle’s allocations, and all of
the private board rules can be found on this website: <

Here is a link to the appeals application: <http://goo.gl/forms/P7Zho2kdMg>.

As a reminder, the remaining timeline for this round of board allocations
is as follows:

02/17/2015: Boards Appeals applications out

02/28/2015: Appeals applications due

03/08/2015: Final allocations out, groups may start to occupy spaces that
are empty and take down posters

03/15/2015: Posters in wrong spaces or posters not yet taken down will be
collected by the Postering Chair and kept for 1 week.

03/22/2015: Deadline for groups complying with all rules, or forfeit space.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding boards or postering,
please email asa-postering at mit.edu.


(2) Annual Required Membership Confirmation and Anti-Hazing Form Signing
(due 3/17/15)

It is now time for the ASA’s annual update process. We use this to verify
that all groups are active and have enough members.  Additionally, by
Massachusetts law, every group is required attest to having distributed a
copy of the Massachusetts hazing law to its members. Finally, we also ask
that groups reaffirm that they do not discriminate.

Each ASA-recognized student group must have an officer listed in the ASA
database complete the form at <https://asa.mit.edu/membership/update/>.

Each group also must have at least five MIT student members confirm
membership by filling out the form at <

Each group should submit these forms by March 17th, 2014 at 11:59PM EDT.
Late submissions will be penalized by fines (up to $150) and eventually
suspension and derecognition. Groups that have been recognized in this
2014-2015 academic year do NOT need to complete this process.

If, at any time, you have questions, including about the timeline or
getting extensions, please email us at asa-exec at mit.edu.


(3) REMINDER: Required Attendance: General Body Meeting (Wednesday, March

This is a reminder that the spring General Body Meeting will be held on
Wednesday, March 11, at 6pm in room 34-101. The meeting will begin at 6pm;
please arrive before 6pm so you will have time to check in before the
meeting starts. Dinner will be provided after the meeting.  Every student
group is required to send a representative, with the exception of
individual FSILGs and club sports; those groups’ governance groups must
still attend. Groups that do not send a representative will incur a $50
fine, and may be suspended or de-recognized if the group has repeatedly
missed GBMs.

Any member may check in for a group, and a member may check in for more
than one group. However, only students listed as president, treasurer,
group admin, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry may exercise
the group's vote. Furthermore, nobody may exercise the vote of more than
one group, and each group has only one vote even if they send multiple
representatives.  All GBM proxies from previous GBMs have been cleared, so
if you would like someone other than your President, Treasurer, or Group
Admin to vote, you must re-designate them in the Database.

At the GBM, elections for the 2015-2016 ASA Executive Board will be held.
We will elect eight positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, two
Graduate Members-at-Large (GMALs), two Undergraduate Members-at-Large
(UMALs), and one Student Member-at-Large (SMAL).  If you are interested in
running for any of these positions, we encourage you to contact us at <
asa-elect at mit.edu> with any questions you might have, or to learn more
information about the Board’s activities.  We will also be holding office
hours at which current Board members will be available to talk to
prospective Board members; these will be posted at <

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at <asa-exec at mit.edu


(4) LEF-ARCADE (April - June) Funding Cycle Deadline (due 3/6/15)

The deadline to submit applications to the Large Event Fund (LEF) and the
Assisting Recurring Cultural And Diversity Events (ARCADE) fund is 3/6/2015
at 11:59PM EST. The deadline for submitting late applications and appeals
will be 3/13/2015 at 11:59 PM EST. This deadline is for events occurring
between April 1, 2015 and June 31, 2015. The application and more
information about the funds are available online: <

You are encouraged to meet with someone from the Student Activities Office
to discuss your application, particularly if it is for a new event or you
are making substantial changes to your event.  You MUST meet with the
Student Activities Office to discuss an event if it will involve paying a
speaker or performer.  You can contact Joel Pettigrew, <joelp at mit.edu>
about scheduling an appointment.

You are also strongly encouraged to meet with the LEF/ARCADE board members
before submitting your application by scheduling an appointment with us
(contact the ASA Treasurer, <asa-treasurer at mit.edu>) or by visiting our
office hours.  Please check our online calendar, <
http://web.mit.edu/asa/about/office-hours.html> , for LEF/ARCADE office
hours, as well as general ASA office hours.


(5) Call for Humor Fund Proposals

Think you're funny? Prove it!

Apply for a grant from the de Florez Fund for Humor. All members of the MIT
community—students, instructors, and staff—may apply as long as the
activities reach a student audience.  The application deadline is March 8.
For more information and the online application, visit the de Florez Fund
for Humor website: <http://shass.mit.edu/funny>.  And follow us on Twitter:
@SHASS4Students #MITdeFlorez.


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board


~Maria Cassidy
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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