[ASA-Official] Spring General Body Meeting and ASA Elections; Public Constitutions

Cory Hernandez cdh2014 at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 4 19:36:51 EST 2013

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Spring General Body Meeting 3/20/13 6:30pm -- *attendance required*
(2) ASA Elections Information
(3) Public Constitutions


(1) Spring General Body Meeting 3/20/13 6:30pm -- *attendance required*

The Spring ASA General Body Meeting (GBM) will be on Wednesday, March 20,
in 32-123. Check-in and dinner will start at 6:30pm; the meeting will begin
promptly at 7pm, so please make sure to arrive well before 7:00 to allow
enough time to check in and get food.

All student groups must have at least one representative in attendance. If
a student group does not attend and check-in with the ASA Exec Board at the
meeting, that group will incur a $50 fine, and may be suspended if this is
the second consecutive GBM missed by the group or de-recognized if more
than two consecutive GBMs have been missed in the past.

Any member may check in for a group, and a member may check in for more
than one group. However, only students listed as president, treasurer,
group admin, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry may exercise
the group's vote. Furthermore, nobody may exercise the vote of more than
one group, and each group has only one vote even if they send multiple

*Currently, no student groups have GBM proxies listed in the database*; if
you had designated one for a previous GBM, it *has been cleared*. If you
would like someone other than your president, treasurer, or group admin to
vote at the GBM, you must designate them as a GBM proxy in the ASA database
*by 11:59pm, 3/19.*

Note: club sports and FSILGs are excused from this meeting as they may be
represented by their respective governing organizations; however, these
groups are eligible to receive a vote if they send a representative.

The tentative agenda is:

1. Updates from the Board
2. Elections for President, Treasurer, Secretary, GMALs, UMALs, SMAL (in
that order)


(2) ASA Elections Information

At the GBM, we will hold elections for the 2013-2014 ASA Executive Board.
There are ten members on the Board, eight of whom will be elected on March
20 (the other two are representatives from the Undergraduate Association
and the Graduate Student Council). Those eight positions are:

*President -- According to the ASA Operating Guidelines, “The president
shall preside at all meetings of the ASA and of its Executive Board. The
president shall also be the outside representative of the ASA in all
matters. The president will call Executive Board and General Body meetings
as necessary. In the event of a tie, may cast a vote at Executive Board
meetings and General Body meetings.”

*Treasurer -- According to the ASA Operating Guidelines, “The treasurer
shall be responsible for the finances of the ASA and of its Executive
Board. This officer shall become a voting member of the UA Finance Board
and of the GSC Funding Board unless they do not meet qualifications set
forth by the respective board. The treasurer shall also be the chair of the
Large Event Funds (LEF) funding board and the Assisting Recurring Cultural
And Diversity Events (ARCADE) funding board.”

*Secretary -- According to the ASA Operating Guidelines, “The secretary
shall keep minutes of all meetings and handle all correspondence of the ASA
and its Executive Board.”

*Two Graduate Members-at-Large
*Two Undergraduate Members-at-Large
*One Student Member-at-Large
The members-at-large serve as chairs and participants in the many working
groups of the ASA, including new group recognition, group communication and
maintenance, bulletin boards, office and locker space, and running the fall
and spring Midways.

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, we encourage
you to contact us at <asa-elect at mit.edu> with any questions you might have,
or to learn more information about the Board’s activities. If you would
like to submit a slide for your candidacy to be shown at the GBM, you may
email it to the same address.

The current Exec Board will be holding open office hours, and we welcome
anyone interested in getting more involved with the ASA to drop by our
office, W20-401. They can be found on our calendar here: <

Note that the other two positions on the Board are appointed by the UA and
the GSC.


(3) Public Constitutions

The ASA has decided that the constitutions for all ASA-recognized student
groups must be publicly visible. We hope this will help prospective and
current group members understand how each group works, as well as allowing
the ASA to maintain copies of each group's constitution.

If this will be a hardship for your group, or you have a good reason why
your group should not have a public constitution, please let us know at <
asa-exec at mit.edu> by March 20th, 2013 .


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board
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