[ASA-Official] CPW Midway; ASA Elections and Spring GBM; Updates from CAC

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Wed Mar 13 21:41:41 EDT 2013

1. CPW Midway Booth Applications Open -- due 11:59pm 4/4/13
2. Confirm your officers' list and president/treasurer
3. Attendance Required: Spring GBM 6:30pm 3/20
4. ASA Elections
5. Updates from CAC: Lobby 10 Rules Changes and Promotional Spaces


1. CPW Midway Booth Applications Open -- due 11:59pm 4/4/13

The ASA Activities Midway for CPW 2013 will be held on Saturday, April
13st, from 1-3pm in the Johnson Athletics Center. The Activities
Midway is a great way to meet prefrosh and show off the breadth and
depth of student groups at MIT.

Please submit your requests promptly.  We may be unable to grant late
requests, particularly ones for performances or for booths with
specific location or neighbor preferences. Groups that apply for a
booth or performance slot and do not show up without letting us know
in advance will be fined. Groups may also be fined for leaving their
booth unattended or leaving early without letting us know in advance.

More information and the request form for table space and performance
times are at: <https://asa.scripts.mit.edu/applications/midway/cpw-midway.php>.

Requests are due by Thursday, April 4th, at 11:59pm.

Email us at <asa-midway at mit.edu> with any questions.


2. Confirm your officers' list and president/treasurer

Your group's president and treasurer should have recently received an
email to them to tell them to verify your officers' list.
Additionally, your group's officers' list should have received an
email with a GBM reminder. If these emails did not arrive for your
groups or went to the wrong people, you should contact us at
<asa-exec at mit.edu> and update your ASA Database entry at


3. Attendance Required: Spring GBM 6:30pm 3/20

This is a reminder that the spring General Body Meeting will be held
on Wednesday, March 20, at 7pm in 32-123. Dinner and check-in will
begin at 6:30pm. Every student group is required to send a
representative, with the exception of FSILGs and club sports. Groups
that do not send a representative will incur a $50 fine, and may be
suspended or de-recognized if the group has repeatedly missed GBMs.

Any member may check in for a group, and a member may check in for
more than one group. However, only students listed as president,
treasurer, group admin, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry
may exercise the group's vote. Furthermore, nobody may exercise the
vote of more than one group, and each group has only one vote even if
they send multiple representatives.

The tentative agenda is:

1. Updates from the Board
2. Elections for President, Treasurer, Secretary, GMALs, UMALs, SMAL
(in that order)


4. ASA Elections

At the GBM, elections for the 2013-2014 ASA Executive Board will be
held. We will elect eight positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary,
two Graduate Members-at-Large, two Undergraduate Members-at-Large, and
one Student Member-at-Large.

Together, Board members are responsible for:
- advocacy on behalf of student groups
- allocation of resources among student groups
- oversight of student group activity (including recognition and derecognition)
- student group arbitration and support
- organization of events such as the Activities Midways
- writing code for the ASA DB, which helps us better keep track of
student groups
- establishing and enforcing policies for student groups

Most Board members will pick a handful of these responsibilities that
interest them to focus on.

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, we
encourage you to contact us at <asa-elect at mit.edu> with any questions
you might have, or to learn more information about the Board's
activities. If you would like to submit a slide for your candidacy to
be shown at the GBM, you may email it to the same address.

The current Exec Board will be holding open office hours, and we
welcome anyone interested in getting more involved with the ASA to
drop by our office, W20-401. They can be found on our calendar here:


5: Updates from CAC: Lobby 10 Rules Changes and Promotional Spaces

The following three messages are from the Campus Activities Complex:

Lobby 10 Promotional Tables:  A Reminder and A Change.  Please
remember that, since Lobby 10 is a War Memorial, all activities in
this space including promotional tabling need to be respectful.  Given
the proximity of Lobby 10 to classrooms, particularly 10-250, and many
offices, amplified sound, including music, will no longer be allowed,
Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and all noise needs to be kept to a
minimum.  For groups that want to have amplified sound (music) at a
table, they will want to book promotional tables in the Student Center
and Stata Center.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact
<campus-activities at mit.edu>.

Note that One-day Entertainment Licenses from the City of Cambridge
are now $50 (previously $40, which is indicated on the event
registration form).

Looking for new ways to promote your events?  Do not forget about CAC
Student Center poster spaces.  Four great locations to put a 4' high
and 12' wide poster hanging from the center stairwell in W20.  Also do
not forget about the CAC Infinite Corridor Panels.  Three
centrally-located locked promotional cases near Lobby 7 with 4' high
and 6' wide spaces to create eye-catching displays.  Each student
group can have up to 10 days per semester (weekends not included in
day count) of each type of display/poster space.  To book these items,
just use your virtual scheduling account.  For more information on
these promotional opportunities, see


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests,
questions, or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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