[ASA-Official] 2013 Midway Application Open & Time Change; Group Recognition Deadline; Room Access Reset

Emily A. Moberg emoberg at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 31 20:23:38 EDT 2013

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Fall Midway Application Now Open (Submit by 8/21/2013 at 5pm) & Time

(2) Group Recognition Deadline (9/15/13)

(3) Room Access Reset

(4) REMINDER: First Year Summer Mailing (Late Entries Still Accepted)

(5) REMINDER: 2013 Recruitment Rules Changed


(1) Fall Midway Application Open (due 8/21/2013)

The ASA is now accepting applications for Orientation Midway space and
performance times. The Midway is on Friday, August 30th from
*2:30PM-4:30PM*. Please note the time change.

By signing up for a booth, you are committing to have it staffed the entire
time. Please note the following:


   If your booth is not staffed *at any point* during that 2 hour period,
   your group may be fined $25.

   Additionally, groups are required to stay within arms’ reach of their
   table at all points and may be fined $50 for non-compliance.

   Groups are required to be checked in by 2:10pm; groups that are late may
   be fined $25.

   Groups will be allowed to access the space starting at 1:45pm. If your
   group cancels less than 24 hours before the Midway, your group may be fined

Applications for Midway space and performance times are due by August 21,
2013 at 5PM EDT. We will release the allocations of space and performance
times by August 26, 2013. We cannot guarantee all groups space, although we
will do our best to accommodate as many groups as possible.

The Midway application can be found at <

Please contact <asa-midway at mit.edu> if you have any questions.


(2) Group Recognition Fall Cycle Deadline (9/15/2013)

The next group recognition cycle is September 15, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT.
Those who are interested in applying for a new student group should apply at

If you have any questions, please contact <asa-groups at mit.edu>.


(3) Room Access Reset

As of now, all of the signatories listed in the ASA Database who have
access to lockers and offices have been updated by the Campus Activities
Complex (CAC). All old signatories have been wiped clean.


(4) REMINDER: First Year Summer Mailing

The First Year Summer Mailing is a great opportunity to reach out to the
incoming freshmen and first-year grad students! Fill out your group’s entry
at <https://asa.mit.edu/fysm/submit/select/>. Incoming students will be
sent a link to all of the submitted entries before they arrive on campus to
virtually explore the student groups on campus.

Late entries will continue to be accepted. Students will begin receiving
the electronic mailing in the next couple of days, and will peruse the
entries throughout August. If you have questions or concerns about the
First Year Summer Mailing, please email <asa-fysm at mit.edu>.


(5) REMINDER: Recruitment Rules Have Changed

*Please note that this is not an update from our last announcement, but
rather just a reminder.*

The recruitment rules for 2013 have been finalized. We encourage you to
carefully read the full text, which is on our website at <

In short, the rules for summer are unchanged: new students may only be
contacted if they have previously provided their contact information (such
as at the CPW Activities Midway) or if they initiate contact with a group.

However, there will be no recruitment moratorium this year. As a reminder,
the previous moratorium disallowed contacting incoming students and holding
recruiting events during the three weeks leading up to the Fall Midway;
these type of activities are no longer restricted during that period.

We would like to remind groups that while no ASA recruitment rules will
apply during this period, other rules may apply. Groups should consider:

* postering rules are still in effect, as described on <

* the MIT rules on harassment are always in effect, and are described here:

* REX and Orientation will be taking place during this period, and space
reservations may be limited

* some governing councils, like the Club Sports Council or the Panhellenic
Association, may have rules that govern their members or member groups

Please also remember that this is an experiment. We appreciate any feedback
on the recruitment rules to help us decide whether we repeat this
experiment, including information about overly aggressive groups, ways this
has helped your group, or anything else you think is relevant. We will
decide whether to continue without recruitment rules based on how
successful groups are at recruiting and how overwhelmed incoming students
are, among other factors. We will use feedback over the summer and in a
fall survey, as well as our experience, to make that determination.

*Please note that this is not an update from our last announcement, but
rather just a reminder.*


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board


Emily A. Moberg
MIT / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Joint Program Student
Biological Oceanography
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