[ASA-Official] Mandatory Group Registration, Fall GBM, LEF/ARCADE

Rachel Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 20 21:50:49 EDT 2011

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1.  Mandatory Student Group Registration and Anti-Hazing Acknowledgement 
due 10/7
2.  Fall General Body Meeting - Tuesday, 9/27, 5:30pm
3.  LEF/ARCADE deadline extended to this Friday, 9/23
4.  Financial Training Sessions
5.  Change in Postering Guidelines


1.  Mandatory Student Group Registration and Anti-Hazing Acknowledgement 
due 10/7

All recognized groups, except dorms and FSILGs, are required to do this 
registration process.  It includes a few different important items:
- Acknowledgment of compliance with Massachusetts anti-hazing law
- Acknowledgment of compliance with MIT Non-Discrimination Policy
- Providing membership information
- Membership confirmation

Please read the full descriptions and instructions for these items on the 
form at:
A list of groups that have already submitted is posted at:

This form is due by Friday October 7th at 11:59PM. This is very important 
for confirming that your group is active, so groups that don't submit this 
form by that date will be fined $50. Groups that still haven't submitted 
this by Friday October 21st will be fined an additional $50 and will be 
suspended. Finally, groups that haven't submitted this by November 4th 
will be derecognized.


2.  Fall General Body Meeting - Tuesday, 9/27, 5:30pm

The Fall ASA General Body Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9/27, at 5:30pm 
in 54-100, with sign-in and food starting at 5pm.  GBMs are the primary 
way for student groups to provide direction for the ASA Board and consider 
topics and policies that effect groups.  The agenda for this meeting 
- review of group registration process
- space allocation policies and philosophies (possible amendment to the 
ASA Operating Guidelines)
- review of the space allocation application process
- election of ASA Board members: Treasurer, Undergraduate Member-at-Large, 
and Student Member-at-Large
- feedback on Midway timing
- update on new ASA Database

All groups are required to send a representative to this meeting.  An 
individual may represent more than one group, but will only have one vote. 
Groups that do not send a representative group may face consequences 
including but not limited to warnings, fines, resource restrictions, and 
derecognition for inactivity.  Note: club sports, dorms, and FSILGs are 
excused from this meeting; however these groups are eligible to receive a 
vote if they send a representative.

If you are interested in running for Treasurer or one of the 
Member-at-Large positions, please email asa-elect at mit.edu expressing 
interest.   Nominations can also be emailed to that list and will be taken 
during the meeting as well.  More details about ASA Executive Board 
positions are posted at: http://mit.edu/asa/about/elections.html


3.  LEF/ARCADE deadline extended to this Friday, 9/23

The deadline to submit applications to the Large Event Fund (LEF) and/or 
the Assisting Recurring Cultural and Diversity Events (ARCADE) fund has 
been extended until this Friday, September 23, at 11:59 pm. This deadline 
is for events occurring between 10/01/11 and 12/31/11. The application and 
more information about the funds are available online: 

You are encouraged to meet with someone from the Student Activities Office 
to discuss your application, particularly if it is for a new event or you 
are making substantial changes to your event.  You can contact Alicia 
Erwin (aeerwin at mit.edu) and Alana Hamlett (ahamlett at mit.edu) about 
scheduling an appointment.  You can also email asa-treasurer at mit.edu if 
you would like to meet with someone from LEF/ARCADE or with any questions.

Note about timing: we will start considering applications that have 
already been submitted before the extended deadline.  In particular, we 
will try to have decisions to groups with events in October as soon as 


4.  Financial Training Sessions

Financial training sessions are currently scheduled for these dates:
9/22/2011 - 7-8pm - 4-153
10/4/2011 - 7-8pm - 4-159
10/12/2011 - 7-8pm - 4-149
10/20/2011 - 6:30-7:30pm - 4-149

All group presidents, treasurers, and financial signatories are encouraged 
to attend one of these sessions, particularly if your group applies to the 
GSC Funding Board, UA Finance Board, or LEF/ARCADE.   You can email the 
Student Activities Office with questions at funds at mit.edu.


5.  Change in Postering Guidelines

As a reminder, the Postering Guidelines for public bulletin boards have 
been changed to include a limit of 22"x17" TOTAL PER GROUP per board in 
addition to the existing per-poster limit of 22"x17".  This is equivalent 
to 4 regularly sized sheets and may include separate posters for separate 
events.  This change has already taken effect and is not specific to the 
start of the year.

The full guidelines are posted at: 


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, 
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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