[ASA-Official] ASA GBM and Elections, CPW announcements

Rachel E Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 1 21:26:30 EDT 2011

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1.  ASA Spring General Body Meeting - Tuesday 4/12 at 6pm
2.  ASA Executive Board Elections
3.  CPW Midways Requests Overdue
4.  Admissions CPW Publicity Tables
5.  New Fifth or Fiftieth Summer Mailing


1.  ASA Spring General Body Meeting - Tuesday 4/12 at 6pm

The Spring ASA General Body Meeting will be on Tuesday 4/12 at 6pm.  The 
main item of business will be the elections for the 2011-2012 ASA 
Executive Board.  More information about elections is below and further 
agenda information and a location will be announced on a later date.

All groups are required to send a representative to this meeting.  GBMs 
are the primary way for the ASA and student groups to communicate in 
person and serve as an opportunity for groups to check-in with ASA and 
vice-versa.  Groups that do not send a representative group may face 
consequences including but not limited to warnings, fines, resource 
restrictions, and derecognition for inactivity.

Note: club sports and FSILGs are excused from this meeting as long as 
their respective governing organization attends; however these groups are 
eligible to receive a vote if they send a representative.


2.  ASA Executive Board Elections

At the Spring GBM we will be electing ASA Executive Board members for the 
2011-2012 term.  This includes elections for: President, Treasurer, 
Secretary, two Graduate Members-at-Large, two Undergraduate 
Members-at-Large, and one Student Member-at-Large.

Details about ASA Executive Board positions and elections are posted at 

To help groups be better informed coming into the meeting, we are inviting 
interested candidates to provide information prior to the meeting.  If you 
are interested in running for a position, please submit candidacy 
information as described on that elections webpage.  These pages should 
describe which groups you are involved in, which ASA Board positions you 
are interested in, and any further information you wish to provide.  We 
will post these sheets three days before the elections for the General 
Body to consider. However, you can submit sheets at any time before or 
after that time. Sheets will be posted as time allows during those three 
days and nominations will also be accepted off the floor at the meeting.

If you would like to nominate someone besides yourself, please send an 
email with their name to asa-elect at mit.edu and we will contact them about 
submitting information.  Please direct any questions about this process or 
about any of these positions to asa-elect at mit.edu or 
asa-president at mit.edu.


3.  CPW Midways Requests Overdue

The ASA Activities Midway for CPW 2011 will be held on Saturday, April 
9th, from 1-3pm in the Johnson Athletics Center.  The Activities Midway is 
a great way to meet prefrosh and show off the breadth and depth of student 
groups at MIT.

Booth and performance requests were due yesterday, however we will be 
accepting late requests for the next 24 hours.  Past that time, further 
requests will likely be put on a waitlist or receive space wherever there 
may be vacant tables.

More information and the request form for table space and/or a performance 
time are at: http://mit.edu/asa/publicity/midway.html.  Requests are due 
by Thursday, 3/31, at 11:59pm.


4.  Admissions CPW Publicity Tables [from Admissions]

CPW 2011 is on its way!!
Want more publicity for your student group?
Have an interesting demonstration to show off?
Want to sell tickets, food, etc.?

Reserve CPW Table Space!!!
Thursday 4/7 and Friday 4/8
*** Lobby 10 or in the Student Center ***

Reservation requests must be sent to Lauren Avalos lava at mit.edu by Sunday 
4/3 at 11:59pm.  Spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served 


5. New Summer Mailing

Recent discussions amongst the members of the Association of Student 
Activities Executive Board have reminded us that many groups have trouble 
both recruiting new members and maintaining institutional memory in the 
face of the typical four year turnover rate for undergraduates and only 
slightly higher rate for graduate students. While many companies will have 
people working full-time for years, giving ample time to learn "on the 
job", student groups rarely have that luxury.

Building on the success of the First Year Summer Mailing (the original 
FYSM), the Association of Student Activities will be producing a Fifth (or 
Fiftieth) Year Summer Mailing to encourage alumni participation in our 
student groups. Of course, alumni participation must be limited --- under 
ASA rules, at least half of any group must be students --- but some alumni 
members can both boost the size of a group and provide valuable long-term 
stability and knowledge.

We hope you will take advantage of this valuable recruitment opportunity. 
The FYSM can be previewed at https://asa.mit.edu:444/db2.0/fysm/. new 
entries can be submitted at 


As always, the ASA welcomes additional suggestions for how to better serve 
you. Feel free to contact us at asa-exec at mit.edu at any time.

The ASA Executive Board

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