[Asa-official] Register CPW Events!

Jennifer D Lobo jlobo at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 14 14:21:49 EDT 2007

Dear Student Group leaders,

A quick reminder that all CPW events must be submitted through the
Admissions website at http://web.mit.edu/admissions/mitcpw ASAP.  We've
extended the deadline an extra 2 days - the new deadline is THIS SUNDAY
(MARCH 18TH) AT MIDNIGHT, so make sure to submit your events by then.
If not, it is likely your event will not make it into the CPW booklet.
Please note that we will not print addendums or revisions after the book
goes to press, so make sure everything is accurately submitted by Sunday
at midnight.

Currently, we are approximately 200-300 events short of an average CPW,
and we're sure that many of you are planning to hold events during that
weekend, so please send them in ASAP!  Again:

Deadline for event submissions: THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 18TH, MIDNIGHT
(You can also sign up to host a prefrosh and volunteer over CPW via this
same website)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact counselors at mit.edu
<mailto:counselors at mit.edu>.  Thanks so much!

The ASA Executive Board

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