[Asa-official] First Year Summer Mailing (FYSM) Requests

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Sat May 20 02:26:08 EDT 2006

Dear Student Groups,

Based on the consensus of the student groups present at the general body 
meeting, the First Year Summer Mailing will be done on a CD. In addition, 
the FYSM will be *free* for student groups this year. Submission to the 
FYSM consists of two parts:
Part I: Name, Contact Info, and Space
Part II: Attachments/Descriptions

The deadlines are as follows:
Part I: May 28
Part II: June 15

These are firm deadlines! We cannot afford to push them back because 
incoming students need to receive the mailing by mid-July. Please complete 
Part I as soon as possible (it's very brief) to ensure that your group is 
on the CD.

Please click on the following link to submit a request for the FYSM:

As always, please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu (publicly archived) 
with questions or comments. Please forgive delayed responses to emails from 
now until the end of the final exam period.

Good luck on final exams! We wish you a very enjoyable summer!

The ASA Executive Board

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