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Tom Stermitz stermitz at tango.org
Fri Feb 29 20:37:24 EST 2008

The truth is, you learn tango by getting inspired and dancing hours  
and hours. I see students from time-to-time who get that inspiration.  
Only in a community with multiple nights available are you able to  
compress two years of learning into six months.

In the US, New York is such a place. San Francisco another. Portland  
and Denver not as much, but even in these smaller cities, the  
opportunity can be created when you get that inspiration. Dance four  
nights per week; Rent a floor; find a partner; take multiple privates.

Incidentally, the first person who expressed that insight  to me was  
Daniel Trenner. I think he said it slightly more strongly, like:  
"Only, when a community gets multiple nights of tango will the level  
of dancing take that leap forward."

And, it a little too obvious to be an insight. 10 hours a week for one  
years is like 1 hour per week for ???? years. Some things just take  
time on the dance floor. Some things take time-time, while tango  
settles into your bones.

On Feb 29, 2008, at 3:03 PM, Crrtango at aol.com wrote:

> Tangopeer wrote:
> <<<Have you ever noticed when someone from NYC comes into
> your community?  They could be dancing for 6 months
> and feel like they have been dancing for 2 years.
> Why?  Osmosis.  They are dancing with better dancers.
> Are the teachers in NYC better?  Many are pretty damn
> great.  But, osmosis gets the credit.>>>
> Yes, it is part osmosis but an even simpler answer can be found on the
> calendar page, newyorktango.com...we have twenty-six milongas and/or  
> practicas this
> week alone. Most of us here can dance every night if we want to, and  
> many of
> us do.   The best way to improve your dancing is to dance as  
> frequently as
> possible, which is even more important than taking lots of  
> workshops.   Practice
> what you know and refine it...and come here every once in a while to  
> see if you
> are doing it right ;-).
> Like everything else in New York, we aren't the only place with the  
> best
> dancers, we just happen to have more of them.
> Cheers,
> Charles

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