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Fri Feb 29 17:03:45 EST 2008

Tangopeer wrote:

<<<Have you ever noticed when someone from NYC comes into
your community?  They could be dancing for 6 months
and feel like they have been dancing for 2 years.
Why?  Osmosis.  They are dancing with better dancers.
Are the teachers in NYC better?  Many are pretty damn
great.  But, osmosis gets the credit.>>>

Yes, it is part osmosis but an even simpler answer can be found on the 
calendar page, newyorktango.com...we have twenty-six milongas and/or practicas this 
week alone. Most of us here can dance every night if we want to, and many of 
us do.   The best way to improve your dancing is to dance as frequently as 
possible, which is even more important than taking lots of workshops.   Practice 
what you know and refine it...and come here every once in a while to see if you 
are doing it right ;-).

Like everything else in New York, we aren't the only place with the best 
dancers, we just happen to have more of them.


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