[Tango-L] bad, wrong, Nuevo

David dchester at charter.net
Fri Feb 29 14:43:39 EST 2008

IMO, another way of describing the two camps, is that some people are much more into the "connection", while other people are more into the "steps".  While I'm still rather new to tango, I have an appreciation for both points of view.  

The basic issue (as I see it), is that people can teach "steps" in a much quicker amount of time than they can teach "connection" (actually, I'm not sure if anyone knows how to teach it, or if it's something you just have to figure out for yourself).   If you ever have a dance where there is a really good connection, you understand why it is so desireable (as well as why it's inconsistent with some of the nuevo stuff).  That being said, I do like trying some of the "fancier" steps as well. 
(I just wish I were better at it).

My two cents,


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> Hi, Nina--
> okay... so for you there's good nuevo & bad nuevo, the difference being
>     "the sex, the embrace, the man-woman thing" ...
> okay--got it.
> Thanks!
> --Ira

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