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Nina Pesochinsky nina at earthnet.net
Thu Feb 28 22:51:19 EST 2008

Yes, that is correct.  It was exactly like that .  Argentines were 
not willing to sell out the sex, the embrace, the man-woman thing, 
for funky movements.   It is only in bad nuevo style that the woman 
became absolutely superfluous.

When a woman can feel a fabulous scent of a man's skin, when he is 
not afraid of her, when his embrace is confident and spirit bright, 
she will forgive him any and all weird tango moves for at least 10 
minutes.  Bad nuevos have not figured this out yet :)


At 08:14 PM 2/28/2008, Ira Goldstein wrote:
>Hi List, Heather, Nina:
>So...the real tango music popped out of an egg in some perfect final
>form...and was accompanied by the birth of the real tango dance in
>some perfect final form; no evolution, no invention, no
>experimentation, no new possibilities created  or  discovered or
>tested or somehow alloyed into it along the way?
>At 6:57 PM -0700 2/28/08, Nina Pesochinsky wrote:
> >Heather,
> >
> >I agree.  Well-said!
> >
> >This is an excellent, clear explanation.  Thank you!
> >
> >Nina
> >
> >
> >
> >At 04:49 PM 2/28/2008, Heather Whitehead wrote:
> >
> >>The source of Nuevo's inferiority is that it is a movement based
> >>Movement. It is motivated by the biomechanic possibilities. This can
> >>be an intellectual pursuit of physical dexterity that in the end takes
> >>precedence over the music. The aesthetics produced from movements
> >>inspired first from the music, TANGO music, have the lasting power and
> >>beauty of something truer. You will notice many Nuevo dancers find no
> >  >contradiction at all in dancing tango to non-tango music. This is why.
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