[Tango-L] bad, wrong, Nuevo

Ira Goldstein eyegee at twcny.rr.com
Thu Feb 28 22:14:43 EST 2008

Hi List, Heather, Nina:

So...the real tango music popped out of an egg in some perfect final 
form...and was accompanied by the birth of the real tango dance in 
some perfect final form; no evolution, no invention, no 
experimentation, no new possibilities created  or  discovered or 
tested or somehow alloyed into it along the way?


At 6:57 PM -0700 2/28/08, Nina Pesochinsky wrote:
>I agree.  Well-said!
>This is an excellent, clear explanation.  Thank you!
>At 04:49 PM 2/28/2008, Heather Whitehead wrote:
>>The source of Nuevo's inferiority is that it is a movement based
>>Movement. It is motivated by the biomechanic possibilities. This can
>>be an intellectual pursuit of physical dexterity that in the end takes
>>precedence over the music. The aesthetics produced from movements
>>inspired first from the music, TANGO music, have the lasting power and
>>beauty of something truer. You will notice many Nuevo dancers find no
>  >contradiction at all in dancing tango to non-tango music. This is why.

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