[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 10:02:05 EST 2008

Hi, I'm back with the report from last night. And I swear that every word is true.
  I'm going to try and give an accurate description with little exaggeration even
  though, for me, much of the evening was fantastic.
  The usual women (gang-of-four) did not show up..this was unusual.
  However, it is the high season and several new women were present..
  some of them had just taken their first tango class that day, others never.
  OK..I felt like dancing and so I danced almost every dance with the new women.
  Here is the verdict on the Tango dances as per asking the women after the dance
  and the conversation that was going around the long table (of dancers). 
  I'm dancing the foxtrot. That is the verdict from all the women before adding;
  "but I love it!", we are dancing very close embrace (not apillado) but so close
  that every inch of our bodies are touching (it feels like)..I am doing extended walks
  (more than two or three steps) so as to make it more 'tango'..I am doing giros
  when the music calls for them (often) I am collecting as much as possible without
  restricting the dance to a straight-jacket. The women are all following me beautifully
  we all dance 'as one'..I'm pulling out the stops and going for it with bold, strong moves.
  I throw a boleo here and there and turn into a giro after starting an ocho...I walk outside
  now and then to give more of a tango 'feel'. The women are still following it with their
  bodies pressed to mine...it is a success!   Now, the verdict: "Mario, you're dancing 
  the Foxtrot but it's wonderful..you are dancing it to the music!"..
  among each other - " Isn't it wild? He's dancing the foxtrot to the tango!"....
  It all sounded like rave reviews but I was heartfallen having 'failed in my mission'..
  {to be continued}

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