[Tango-L] women as leader

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Wed Feb 27 00:09:09 EST 2008


I sympathise with your problem of being unable to find a regular partner. This is not unusual for any kind of partner dancing. But the problem is that Tango is essentially a dance between a man and a woman. So when you say you've decided to learn to become a leader, what that means is you've decided to dance the role of the MAN. Now, of course I don't know you but not many women have the masculine qualities necessary to play the role of the man and, without those qualities, IMHO, any Tango you dance as man will just be a parody of Tango. And, since you won't have the feeling of Tango that we all crave, what's the point? You'll end up just dancing steps but not dancing Tango. For classes and practicas, it's an excellent idea to take on the other role - but not for dancing in the milongas. But that's just my opinion.

The only convincing same-sex Tango I've seen is at La Marshall - the gay bar in BsAs.

Keith, HK

 On Tue Feb 26  4:44 , Dyane Auclair  sent:

>Hi everyone,
>I have been following this list only recently so forgive me if this subject has been discussed previously.
>I have been dancing tango for about 3 years. Unfortunately I have not yet find a regular partner with whom I can really work hard at developing very good following skills, at developing a good connection, and at developing a good sense of musicality. Of course I had the "occasional beautiful tango experience" with some good leaders but there is no continuity. So as a new challenge I have decided to go back to basics and learn to become a LEADER while I am still searching for the right dancing partner.  

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