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I lead a lot - I think I am the only woman lead I know who is NOT a 
teacher.  I started because I was tired of waiting to dance.  I suppose 
it's pretty much the same everywhere - many more follows than 
leads.....some nights, I pretty much lead all night - and I've started 
to really enjoy it - not more than following, but as much.  Just two 
different ways to experience the dance.  At first I was a little unsure 
leading "away from home," but now I don't even think about it - 
although I am often the only woman leading. I also much prefer close 
embrace - as a lead and as a follow......


Have you joined the Buffalo Argentine Tango Society Yahoo! group yet? 
It's easy, and the best way to make sure you know what we're doing and 
what's going on with the Argentine tango in and around Buffalo......go 
to www.yahoo.com > select Groups > search for Buffalo Argentine Tango 
Society > follow the directions to join BATS_tango.  Thanks!

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Hi everyone,

I have been following this list only recently so forgive me if this 
subject has
been discussed previously.
I have been dancing tango for about 3 years. Unfortunately I have not 
yet find a
regular partner with whom I can really work hard at developing very 
following skills, at developing a good connection, and at developing a 
sense of musicality. Of course I had the "occasional beautiful tango 
with some good leaders but there is no continuity. So as a new 
challenge I have
decided to go back to basics and learn to become a LEADER while I am 
searching for the right dancing partner.
Why do I feel so much resistence in my community? It seems that I 
receive lot of
discouraging signals from other dancers (both men and women) and from 
Is it because most people believe that a good connection can only exist 
betwen a
man and a woman and since tango is nothing without a good connection 
there is no
point in putting any effort into that direction. Or is it simply 
tangeros/tangeras love stereotypes? Is it threatening for other 
leaders? I
sincerely believe that I will become a better follower because I will 
have a
better understanding of the problems that the leader encounters. What 
about you:
would you encourage me or discourage me?

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