[Tango-L] Tango x Bellydance

flame@2xtreme.net flame at 2xtreme.net
Sat Feb 23 19:36:43 EST 2008

Subject: [Tango-L] dancing fusion
I started taking bellydancing classes about a year ago. It's a great 
compliment to tango since it depends on and develops core strength.
And it's fun! One of my favorite dancers is Zoe Jakes.


She infuses tribal with hip hop. The purists (like my teacher) don't like her 
and I'm sure they disapprove of Tango x as well....too nuevo!

> Now, since lately bellydance looks like it may become more popular
> than tango, and there are not enough men in our milongas anyway, this
> is what us girls may end up doing.... pretty hot actually. ; )
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AV9F7aQb0w&feature=related

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