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Keith keith at tangohk.com
Fri Feb 22 23:56:47 EST 2008

Well, they say you learn something new everyday. I'm certainly 
not going to argue about what words mean because my Spanish is 
limited and my Lunfardo non-existent. But I like to use the correct 
terminology and I've never heard before that a Sacada must 
interrupt a turn. I always thought a Sacada was a displacement of 
a leg or foot by the partner’s leg or foot. This can occur at almost 
any time and not just during turns. I checked this site, which I 
usually use to check terminology:

 http://www.tejastango.com/terminology.html . 

Part of the definition of Entrada is ... 'without displacenment' and
the definition of Sacada makes no mention of interrupting a turn.

Is it wrong? I know this might not seem important but I think words
are important as they're the only means we have to say what we 

Keith, HK

 On Sat Feb 23  9:14 , Nina Pesochinsky  sent:

>Yes, back entradas (some call them sacadas, but technically that is 
>not correct because sacadas interrupt a turn, and these do not) 

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