[Tango-L] What's the trick??

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 09:14:52 EST 2008

I think it is great to help someone five months out as
they tackle *back* sacadas in their socks.  The
Internet, most definitely, does not make for bad
dancers as a rule!

Good catch, Jay!

Great suggestion to do the back sacadas in his socks
to save the poor woman's legs from being bruised. 
That was a big catch!  I kicked the hell out of my
partner when I was learning!  And, when following a
leader when he was learning, he kicked the hell out of
MY legs!  

So, should anyone out there have questions about tango
technique, please, do keep posting them.  Many of us
will continue to answer them.  Some will caution you
about trying this at home without the assistance of a
paid teacher.  Haven’t you noticed the subtitles? 
“This was performed on a closed course.”  ;o)

Keep dancing!  And, keep posting!!!  This list is,
definitely, not just for teachers wearing hard hats! 
The Internet is a great way to learn.

Thanks for all the questions, Mario!!!  I like to
think that Tango-L was made for people like you and me
who want to learn from the Internet.

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